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"Anis is a pleasure to work with. We worked together to open up the Japanese market, which he has a deep understanding of, and network with global investors. He is always there to help when you need."

Julia Hu
CEO, Lark

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"Anis is truly interested in helping entrepreneurs get visionary ideas launched. Working with Fenox has been a pleasure"

Nova Spivack
CEO, Bottlenose

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"Global partnership is essential for international expansion. The Fenox VC team not only understands our company and business, but also have a deep appreciation of the Japanese business culture. Their strong global network makes them the best partner for global expansion."

Kazuyuki Uemura
CEO, I and C Cruise

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"DJZ was looking for a value-added investor who could help us bridge the US and Asian markets. Fenox truly understands the entertainment market as shown by their investment into adjacent industries. Their international connection is expeditious for the market entry of any start-up seeking a global presence."

Seth Goldstein

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"Anis and his team at Fenox Venture Capital are uniquely positioned to add more than just monetary value to a start-up. Anis has a deep background in technology that he leverages throughout his investment portfolio. We are thrilled to count Fenox as an investor in Socialize."

Daniel R. Odio
CEO, Socialize

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"Fenox has been very helpful in the Tech in Asia journey so far. Anis and Eddy give very good feedback but leave the final decision to the entrepreneur. It is a very healthy relationship between investor and founders that we are enjoying now."

Willis Wee
CEO, Tech in Asia

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"The guys at Fenox have been connecting us to prospective corporate clients in Asia by cutting through red tape and taking us directly to the decision makers."

Eldar Sadikov
CEO, Jetlore

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Fenox Venture Capital is a global venture capital firm, headquartered in Silicon Valley. We provide seed, venture, and growth-stage funding to emerging technology companies globally. Fenox Venture Capital invests in Internet, mobile, social, cloud and emerging technologies areas.

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Vitaliy ArbuzovGeneral Partner
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Anis UzzamanGeneral Partner
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Anis Uzzaman Donates All Proceeds From Book to Help Japanese Region

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