Fenox Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm founded by an exceptional team of seasoned entrepreneurs and proven international business leaders. Fenox VC works with emerging technology companies worldwide and specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in North America achieve global expansion in Asian and European markets.

In 1989, Co-Founder and Chairman Vitaliy Arbuzov began Fenox Automotive Components, a small tools company that has grown into one of the largest automotive parts suppliers for manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Fenox has since expanded its business into multiple markets, and is now a major global corporation.

Anis Uzzaman, Co-Founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive corporate management experience from years at IBM and Cadence. Uzzaman has successfully built multiple businesses within Asia and offers a unique perspective and innate understanding of Asian markets.

Arbuzov and Uzzaman founded Fenox Venture Capital to help entrepreneurs build successful, transformative businesses that span the USA and global emerging markets. Based in San Jose, California, Fenox Venture Capital is led by Uzzaman, who serves as the chief executive of the firm.

Fenox VC seeks to work with world-class management and technical teams that are targeting disruptive opportunities in the consumer internet, retail, and software sectors. Investments span across all stages including seed, early, and advanced growth rounds. The firm will also co-lead, follow, and partner with other angel syndicates and venture funds.

Fenox VC applies a collaborative and transparent approach to working with portfolio management teams. As a leader in the lean start up model, Fenox is dedicated to helping ideas grow quickly, obtaining market feedback and assisting entrepreneurs in launching new products on a global scale.