The Fenox team was at Startup Asia Jakarta on November 21- 22, 2013, where Anis Uzzaman, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital, delivered the closing keynote speech and moderated a panel on exit strategies. Startup Asia is a bi-annual event held in Singapore and Indonesia hosted by Tech In Asia, a leading tech media portal in South East Asia.  More than 1,000 people attended the event.


In Anis’s keynote speech titled “Silicon Valley Best Practices”, Anis called upon years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor to advise startups how to replicate the successes of Silicon Valley. Anis began by discussing the importance of having a supportive culture and using the Lean Startup Model during product development. Thereafter, he highlighted the importance of including exit strategy as part of the business plan, and the necessities of finding strong incubators and advisors to support your startup. Lastly, Anis emphasized the benefits of video marketing and alternative fundraising methods. Anis believes that if other startup communities begin to use Silicon Valley’s common practices, it would be a step toward replicating Silicon Valley’s success and become a hub of innovation.


Additionally, Anis moderated a panel titled “Exit Strategies for Asian Startups: M&A and IPO.” Yasuyuki Konuma (Executive Officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange), Gen Miyazawa (Head of Search, Yahoo! Japan), Yoichiro Hirano (CEO, Infoteria Corporation), and Kay Mok Ku (Partner, Gobi ASEAN) joined Anis on the panel. The panelists shared their vast experience in executing an IPO and the types of companies that are likely to be acquired. In the a region where typical M&A does not exceed $30-50M, this panel is aimed at providing resources for entrepreneurs seeking exit opportunities.


Anis delivering the keynote speech – Silicon Valley Best Practices