Samurai Incubate, one of the top incubators of Asia, hosted their 9th semi-annual venture summit. A mixture of about 1000 entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, students, corporations, media and more attended this conference in collaboration to knock down the barriers hindering growth and accelerate change all over the world. During the conference, Anis Uzzaman had a chance to speak on how to improve the startup ecosystem in Asia.

Anis’s thorough presentation encouraged entrepreneurs to push beyond their current operational framework and leverage the best practices of Silicon Valley. Doing so would help the startup ecosystem in Asia avoid common mistakes and begin to replicate the successes of Silicon Valley. In the presentation, Anis discussed the importance of having a supportive culture and using the Lean Startup Model during product development. He also highlighted the importance of including exit strategy as part of the business plan, and the necessities of finding strong incubators and advisors to support your startup. Anis concluded that this knowledge will not only accomplish the goals set forth by the conference, but help Japan become the innovation hub of the world.