Anis Uzzaman, PhD was invited to a panel discussion on innovation and intellectual property, which was organized by Keio University and co-ordinated by Prof Katsuya Hirokawa from the same university. The event was held at the Mitubushi Building Conference Square in Tokyo, Japan.
The event began with the presentation by Tim Londergan, Head of Commercial Development at Intellectual Ventures, on the importance of intellectual property protection. At the second half of the event, Anis, Tatsuya Kato, CEO and Co-Founder at Mido Holdings Ltd., Yuhei Umeki, CEO at The Startup Ltd., Jiro Kokuryo, the dean of Policy Management at Keio University and Time Londergan participated in a panel discussion about entrepreneurship and innovation in Japan. Moderating the discussion was Umeshima Masaki from the Keio University Planning and Media Research Department.
The panelist exchanged views about the ways that Japan can be more innovation. Comments were offered on the role of university, corporation and the government in initiating and promoting entrepreneurship. The management of intellectual property and its effect on innovation was also discussed.

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Anis Uzzaman at the Panel Discussion