Anis Uzzaman released his second book in Japan titled, “Sekai no Toshika wa Nippon Kigyo no Nani wo Miteirunoka” (“A Global Investor’s Viewpoint on Japanese Companies.”) In this book, Anis shares the global investor’s perspective on Japanese companies. He shares the struggles corporations will inevitably face if they do not embrace technology trends, encourages them to take an integral role in the technology ecosystem, and through adoption corporations can prosper.

Over 200 people attended the book launch event held Microsoft Japan. The launch started with a speech by Anis Uzzaman giving his overview of the book. This was followed by a panel discussion that included Pina Hirano (CEO of Infoteria), Toru Tokushige (CEO of Terra Motors), Shinichi Isago (Evangelist at Microsoft), Kotaro Tamura (CEO of Shingapore Corporation of Japan Intelligence Initiative), Kentaro Sakakibara (CEO of Samurai Incubate), Yoshiaki Ishii (Director Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry) and moderated by Nobihiko Hibara (associate professor of Waseda Business School), and Kaji Yoshimitsu (CMI of Accenture).

If you missed the book launch, you can watch the whole event here.

Here’s where you can buy the book.