=_utf-8_B_4YSJ4YWz4YSQ4YWh4YSQ4YWz4YSL4YWl4Ya4IOGEieGFpeGGvOGEgOGFqQ==_= ᆼ학_포스터Fenox Venture Capital is proud to announce official publication of the Korean version of the “Startup Bible – Silicon Valley Way of Developing Success” written by Anis Uzzaman, General Partner and CEO of Fenox Venture Capital and co-authored by Sean Ryu, Venture Partner and CEO of Fenox Korea!

The book will serve as a crucial manual for Korean startups looking to emulate Silicon Valley’s successful methods. The first orders of the Korean version are already sold out in Kyobo, the largest bookstore in Korea!

The Japanese version of the book, introduced in 2013, quickly became a best seller and was endorsed by Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, and Daisuke Iwase, President of Lifenet.

Make sure not to miss the English version of the “Startup Bible” that is coming very soon in early 2015!