Anis Uzzaman, PhD, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital, delivered the main event for the New Media Visionaries lecture series at San Jose State University.
Drawing upon years of experience as an inveterate, international venture capitalist, Dr. Uzzaman’s lecture was entitled “Harvesting Opportunities through Global Leverage”. The address opened with an insightful overview of America’s strong fundamentals in education and technology, and the nation’s august tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, reminding the audience of America’s history of excellence and enormous potential in a decade of globalization when naysayers have been heralding the end of American hegemony.
A refreshing break from the hackneyed hype over the China threat and other foreign challengers to American economic dominance, Dr. Uzzaman took a different approach that framed the rise of these foreign nations in a new light; one which emphasized the huge market opportunities that these emerging economies represent for American inventors and businesses, and the need for leadership and local connections through intermediaries such as global VCs to leverage upon these fertile regions for global growth.
In closing his presentation, Dr. Uzzaman provided examples of foreign opportunities for the US  startups as exemplified by how his firm had facilitated international expansion for its portfolio companies with its connections in Europe and Asia. In the face of our current economic climate, the leadership, experience, and enterprising vision of the team at Fenox VC makes them uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs and investors engage the international market and transition into the new global era.
Videos of the lecture can be viewed at the following links:
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