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January 29th, 2016|

Infocom Launches $20M Fund with Fenox Venture Capital

InfocomSquareInfocom Group, one of Japan’s largest information technology (IT) solution providers, launched a $20 million fund with Fenox Venture Capital on August 29, 2014. The fund dubbed “Fenox Infocom Venture Fund V” will be managed by Fenox Venture Capital, and is one of several strategic initiatives by Infocom to double its revenue by 2021.

The fund’s investments will focus on North American and Southeast Asian startups with innovative business models and state-of-the-art IT services. Emphasis will be on wearable technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, and consumer internet. Startups that receive investment from the fund will enjoy access to Infocom’s distribution channels to sell into East Asia.

“We’ve been working with Fenox VC since September 2013, and are already seeing tremendous results,” said Norihiro Takehara, President and CEO of Infocom Group. “With Fenox Infocom Venture Fund V, we will be able to further accelerate our investment activities in North America and Southeast Asia.”

“We look forward to seeing promising startups that can thrive and grow with a unique relationship with Infocom,” said Anis Uzzaman, co-founder and General Partner at Fenox. “With Fenox serving as a bridge, startups receiving investment can access the expertise of Infocom in both product and business development.”

The fund allows Infocom to diversify and expand its business globally, while focusing on its core IT service offerings. This also marks the close of Fenox Venture Capital’s fifth fund.

About Infocom Group

Infocom Group has 14 subsidiary companies that provide diverse IT solutions including planning, development, and consultation. Its enterprise clients include mobile phone carriers, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and research organizations. Infocom also provides digital content for consumers, and undertakes operations and management of information and communication systems.

Read more here.

September 2nd, 2014|

Fenox’s Middle East Partners Lead Turn8 Demo Day

turn8TURN8, the seed accelerator for innovative entrepreneurs initiated by DP World and powered by i360, held its second annual investor Demo Day on June 21 2014 in Dubai. As President and CEO of i360 and the newest General Partner of Fenox Venture Capital, Kamal Hassan heads the accelerator program based in Dubai. Hassan explains, TURN8 selects promising young startups from around the globe with the “aim to inject entrepreneurial know-how and accelerate commercialise-able ideas to market” over the course of 4 months. Among the 450 startups that applied in Round 2, 5 were chosen from 5 different countries (Egypt, Australia, India, Georgia, and Indonesia) to pitch for investments ranging from $250,000 and $370,000.

At this year’s Demo Day, General Partner, Brent Traidman was invited to deliver the keynote speech where he spoke on topics ranging from HealthTech to Global OTT (over-the-top) messaging services such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Traidman also shared with the audience that Fenox Venture Capital is raising a $100M fund of which 25 percent will be invested into regional MENA start-ups over the next decade.

Following the presentations of Demo Day, Brent said, “I was impressed with the quality and diverse group of companies in this round, which were of similar caliber to Silicon Valley start-ups in the United States. Some of them offered a better investment with lower valuations. We are delighted to be involved in the regional entrepreneur ecosystem and hope to see more great companies emerge.”

June 21st, 2014|

Fenox at 3rd NTC Silicon Valley Technopreneurship Forum

nanyangNanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) of the Nanyang Technological University, a leading Asian university located in Singapore, recently hosted the 3rd NTC Silicon Valley Technopreneurship Forum at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. The NTC was established in 2001 as the focal point of technological entrepreneurship development within the university, Singapore and the Asian region.

A collection of venture capitalists, corporations, and entrepreneurs from both Singapore and the Silicon Valley attended the forum to discuss the art and science of entrepreneurship. As a keynote speaker for the forum, Eddy Lee presented insights on the state-of-art of health technology, and the future opportunities for anyone interested to participate in this sector.

Eddy’s presentation focused on tomorrow’s wearable technologies. In his speech, Eddy emphasized that wearables in today’s markets, including the Fitbit and Google Glass represent only a fraction of the tidal change in consumer health and wellness to come. He also revealed that tomorrow gadgets will enable 24/7 monitoring of one’s health using smart shirts or an electronic tattoo, as well as the enhancement of sight, hearing, and other senses by the implantation of miniature devices. Eddy concluded that new investment opportunities will arise in the technologies required to support tomorrow’s wearables, such as intelligent software, biological energy, and robotics.

Further information about the event can be found here.


April 26th, 2014|

Anis Uzzaman Brings Silicon Valley Insights to Japan

Samurai Incubate, one of the top incubators of Asia, hosted their 9th semi-annual venture summit. A mixture of about 1000 entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, students, corporations, media and more attended this conference in collaboration to knock down the barriers hindering growth and accelerate change all over the world. During the conference, Anis Uzzaman had a chance to speak on how to improve the startup ecosystem in Asia.

Anis’s thorough presentation encouraged entrepreneurs to push beyond their current operational framework and leverage the best practices of Silicon Valley. Doing so would help the startup ecosystem in Asia avoid common mistakes and begin to replicate the successes of Silicon Valley. In the presentation, Anis discussed the importance of having a supportive culture and using the Lean Startup Model during product development. He also highlighted the importance of including exit strategy as part of the business plan, and the necessities of finding strong incubators and advisors to support your startup. Anis concluded that this knowledge will not only accomplish the goals set forth by the conference, but help Japan become the innovation hub of the world.

April 19th, 2014|

Qixil Platform Showcased Anis’s Profile at Launch

CyberAgent, an internet and advertising firm based out of Tokyo, recently debuted their new consultation platform called Qixil. General Partner, Anis Uzzaman helped showcase the website by featuring his profile at the launch event.
Qixil is a platform that helps users source for any sort of advice from experts and thought leaders in many domains. Once users find the right experts, they can reach out directly to resolve their questions or concerns. This platform contains primarily senior level individuals from multinational corporations, including the likes of the Starbucks CEO of Japan. This event was solely for Anis is showcase his profile to encourage users to begin leveraging this platform. Over 150 individuals attended this event to begin asking Anis for advice.
During the event, Anis welcomed anyone in need of advice and support related to entrepreneurship however, users can talk with Anis for virtually anything. Click here to view Anis’s profile.


April 15th, 2014|

Eddy Lee to moderate hardware panel at Startup Asia, Singapore

Eddy Lee, PhD will be moderating a panel on hardware startups on at 2pm on May 7th, 2014 at Startup Asia, Singapore, a premier tech event in the region that showcases promising startups in the region, and regularly attended by investors, founders, corporate executives, and tech luminaries such as Marrisa Mayer. Also speaking at this event is Dave Morin, CEO of Path, and Dario Meli, CEO of Hootsuite and Quietly.
The world is experiencing a hardware renaissance in the age of Internet of Things. We have witnessed Pebble breaking Kickstarter records, and the sale of Nest to Google for an eye-watering $3.2B. Despite hardware being the new sexy, we got to admit that building a hardware startup is anything but easy. Limited funding sources and long product iteration cycle leaves little room for mistake. Nevertheless, we are seeing an emergence of new devices and gadgets from the region. This panel aims to shed light on the difficulties faced by four hardware founders on the backdrop of the ecosystem of Southeast Asia, and how they have overcome these challenges.
Eddy has been an advocate of hardware startups with investments such as Meta, Lark and gTar. The audience will be treated with an interesting dialogue among Pulkit Jaiswal (Founder of Garuda Robotics), Fan Mingwei (Co-founder of Bio3D Technologies), Dema Tio (Co-founder of Vibease) and Roger Chang (Co-founder of Pirate3D), all of whom have garnered notable traction for their respective startups.
Further information about the event can be found here.

April 3rd, 2014|

Dream Link Entertainment IPO

Dream Link Entertainment Inc. (DLE), a portfolio company of Fenox has gone public on March 26, 2014 on Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers market. Although the offer price was set at 1200 yen, the price doubled to 2412 yen by the opening day afternoon beating all forecasts leading to the IPO. Underwritten by Nomura, the opening stock performance is great news for the shareholders of DLE. The icing on the cake for Fenox and other major shareholders was the opening price, which at more than 1.5 times the offer price has released the major shareholders from a usual lockup period of 90 days.
The company is the #1 Flash animation studio in Asia, best known for its flagship animation “Secret Society Eagle Talon.” The series is broadcasted nationwide by NHK and widely accepted across generation segments. The global expansion of DLE, having already penetrated markets such as Taiwan, China, and Thailand, will be buoyed by the successful IPO.
Majority of DLE’s revenue is generated through licensing fees of animated characters in addition to the sale of related goods. By June 2014, forecasts estimate a 73% on-year rise in sales to 1.6 billion yen and a fivefold jump in net profit to 328 million yen. This exponential growth is attributed to DLE’s low-cost flash animation production methods.
The CEO of DLE, Ryuta Shiiki started his career at Sony, where his 10-year tenure includes global businesses at Sony International Singapore and the position of General Director at Sony Vietnam in Hanoi. Subsequently, he developed a deep understanding of the content industry as the Head Officer of Overseas Licenses at Sony Pictures Visual Works (currently Aniplex). Since founding the company in 2001, Shiiki secured partnerships with global content leaders, including Hasbro and Warner Brothers Animation. Producers Guild of America recognized such efforts, and inducted Shiiki as its first member from the Anime industry in Japan.
Further details of the public offering can be accessed here.

March 26th, 2014|

Fenox invests into Singapore’s Largest Incubator JFDI

Fenox invested in JFDI (Joyful Frog Digital Incubator) in a $2.1 million round led by Infocomm Investments, a government-linked investment fund to pursue Singapore’s ambitions of becoming the startup hub for all of South East Asia. Other investors in the round include venture capital firm Spin-up partners, as well as angel investors Vijay Saraff, Paul Burmester and Thomas Gorissen.
The fund will be invested into start-ups joining its three boot camps this year. S$25,000 (US$19,700) will be invested into each selected team in exchange for between 5% to 20% of equity depending on the maturity of the startup. JFDI forecasts to incubate 20-30 start-ups in 2014 alone, expanding that by a further 40-60 start-ups in 2015. The 12-week long acceleration program which include four stopovers in various countries, aims to nurture the teams into colossal startups under the supervision of accomplished mentors.
Fenox hope to invigorate the Singapore startup ecosystem through this investment, and continue its support of mid-stage startups from growth to exit. Singapore has been pushing aggressively to become the technological hub for Southeast Asia. In 2013, the country’s technology sector attracted over $1.7 billion in venture investment, up from $28 million in 2011, according to Asia Venture Capital Journal Research.
Full article can be accessed here.

March 18th, 2014|

Guest contribution in The Next Web

Access to technology and advice is easier than ever. Yet so many entrepreneurs continue to wait for the perfect programmer to come by instead of putting their idea to work. In an article featured by TNW, a leading tech news portal based on Techmeme.com’s leaderboard, Eddy Lee created a realistic roadmap for non-technical entrepreneurs to get their business started. Eddy encourages entrepreneurs to stop waiting for an opportunity and start making your dreams a reality in this article, “4 steps to starting a Web business without knowing a thing about coding.”
Step 1: Test your product demand – For startups, Eddy says, testing market demand is more important than developing the technology. It’s best to put your idea out there, generate interest, and build an understanding of your client’s needs by leveraging social media, local market research and surveying your future customers. A reader also suggested making a video to tell your story, and use a beta site to sign up early users.
Step 2: Build your preliminary website – If the idea is viable, entrepreneurs should then begin to envision their online presence. They can use several easy-to-use online tools to create the optimal layout for the website.
Step 3: Outsource a developer – Now that there is demand and a technical plan, entrepreneurs should begin shopping around for developers. There are hundreds of web and mobile development companies, find the best quality for your price budget.
Step 4: Planning for the long run – Once the idea is in full operations, begin putting together the dream team. Avoid the traditional salary route in the beginning, hire interns and then groom them into full-time staff with salary and stock benefits.
The full article can be accessed here

February 1st, 2014|