Dice, the leading career site for tech professionals interviewed Eddy Lee, PhD on the next evolution of analytics known as Cognition as a Service or CaaS. The analytics service provides many applications with the complex biological trait to think and interact with consumers. Higher intelligence for these applications enables them to converse with and complete tasks for the consumer more efficiently and conveniently. Additionally, the actual artificial intelligence that powers these apps can be an analytic service from a third-party cloud-based cognitive platform.
In the interview, Eddy notes CaaS will open an incredible amount of opportunities for future web and mobile applications, and that it is likely to be used by companies and startups that don’t want to “reinvent the wheel.” He gave an example of using this service for tracking information about the body. “If you are running and wearing a wristband with sensors, information is uploaded to the cloud for processing. It would then send back information to your phone to suggesting healthy actions, such as you should drink water now.”
Fenox Venture Capital has also invested in Jetlore, an email marketing platform that has jumped ahead of the cognitive evolution. Jetlore pushes to learn and understand the consumer’s behaviors and personality by applying machine-learning algorithms to further optimize email targeting.
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