Access to technology and advice is easier than ever. Yet so many entrepreneurs continue to wait for the perfect programmer to come by instead of putting their idea to work. In an article featured by TNW, a leading tech news portal based on’s leaderboard, Eddy Lee created a realistic roadmap for non-technical entrepreneurs to get their business started. Eddy encourages entrepreneurs to stop waiting for an opportunity and start making your dreams a reality in this article, “4 steps to starting a Web business without knowing a thing about coding.”
Step 1: Test your product demand – For startups, Eddy says, testing market demand is more important than developing the technology. It’s best to put your idea out there, generate interest, and build an understanding of your client’s needs by leveraging social media, local market research and surveying your future customers. A reader also suggested making a video to tell your story, and use a beta site to sign up early users.
Step 2: Build your preliminary website – If the idea is viable, entrepreneurs should then begin to envision their online presence. They can use several easy-to-use online tools to create the optimal layout for the website.
Step 3: Outsource a developer – Now that there is demand and a technical plan, entrepreneurs should begin shopping around for developers. There are hundreds of web and mobile development companies, find the best quality for your price budget.
Step 4: Planning for the long run – Once the idea is in full operations, begin putting together the dream team. Avoid the traditional salary route in the beginning, hire interns and then groom them into full-time staff with salary and stock benefits.
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