IMJ Fenox Pte. Ltd (IMJ Fenox) has been jointly established by IMJ Corporation, a leading web and mobile solutions provider in Japan, and Fenox VC, global investor headquartered in Silicon Valley. The new establishment will invest in mobile, Internet, and software technologies globally with a focus on Southeast Asia, Japan and the United States. Fenox VC’s global network and IMJ’s domain expertise in digital services will help startups penetrate the global market.
“International expansion is becoming a requirement for the growth and success of startups,” said Anis Uzzaman, General Partner at Fenox VC. “Our partnership is ideal as it provides the operational expertise necessary for startups seeking global market penetration.”
“Product development is a major bottleneck to the growth of a startup,” said Yuji Horiguchi, President of IMJ Fenox. “Having provided digital marketing and web services to international clients over the last 17 years, startups can leverage upon our development knowhow to optimize operational expense and product iteration.”
IMJ Fenox is headquartered in Singapore with branch offices in Jakarta and Tokyo. Drawing from its management’s global connection and knowledge in software development, the firm can offer entrepreneurs operational expertise to achieve growth and internationalization.
IMJ Corporation offers cross-platform web integration services ranging from strategy formulation to web analytics. With their extensive experience in web and mobile integration, IMJ business solutions helps their clients realize maximize returns from their digital marketing efforts.