Anis Uzzaman, PhD, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital, was an invited panelist at the Harvard Asia Business Conference, which was hosted by Harvard Business School on April 13, 2013.
The conference commenced with the opening address by Ben Heineman, former General Counsel of General Electric, followed by concurrent session in the topics of Law, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship and Investing. Sunderam, Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School led the Investing panel, which apart from Anis, comprised James Hahn, co-founder of Asia Alpha, Alisher Ali, founder at Silk Road Finance, and Eric Xin, Managing Director at Citic Capital.
The panel discussed about investor skepticism and risk-avoidance stemming from the current political and economic uncertainty in specific Asian regions. The panelists addressed the risks of investing in Asia by drawing from their respective experience in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries. The investment potential of Myanmar and Mongolia was also contended by the panel. When deliberating the prerequisite of investing successfully in Asia, the panel agreed that awareness of both the local economic and political landscape, and deep understanding of the culture are necessary. Anis highlighted that Fenox has created alliances with local VCs and incubators, and established branch offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Japan in order to be plugged into the local ecosystems.

Anis at the Investing Panel
The Harvard Asia Business Conference is an annual event organized by the Asia Business Club of Harvard Business School, Harvard Asia Law Society of Harvard Law School, and student organizers from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
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