The Entrepreneur’s Club (TEC) held Disruptive Innovation in Education on November 1, 2012 at the Palo Alto JCC. The event, attracting more than 200 attendees was organized in collaboration with a number of startup organizations such as IEFF (Israeli Executives and Founders Forum), GABA (German American Business Association), JHTC (Jewish High Tech Community), Bay Brazil, SiliconFrench, and Silicon Vikings. Eddy Lee, PhD, Principal at Fenox Venture Capital, was invited to be a judge among a distinguished group of investors, including Opus Capital and Intel Capital.
The evening started with an open discussion among startup executives and educational thought leaders including Eren Bali (Udemy), Keith Devlin (H-STAR Institute of Stanford University), Sonia Oster (Apprentica), and Michael Staton (Inigral). The panel covered pertinent topics that challenge our current educational system and the approaches recent education startups took to build the next generation of educational platforms.
Following the discussion, six selected startups took the stage to pitch their ideas to the investors. Their businesses range from educational video marketplace to learning management systems for educators. Following questions and answers from the audience, the startups received insightful feedback from the judges on growth strategy and development of their products.
Fenox VC is regularly invited to the events organized by the TEC. Founded in 2003, TEC is an international network of tech entrepreneurs and executives, with a number of Russian speaking members. They hold ten events each year in Silicon Valley to promote collaboration and community spirit among entrepreneurs.
For more info, http://www.eventbrite.com/event/4656712352