In an interview with Ms. Ayako Mie, Staff Writer of the Japan Times, Anis Uzzaman shared his motivation to give back to Japan for getting him where he is today. Anis recounted his experience as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship at the education ministry of Japan, which brought him to Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he received a B.Eng in engineering. Anis subsequently completed a Ph.D in computer engineering at the Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Despite the decline of some Japanese firms, Anis sees immense potential in harnessing ‘Made in Japan’ as an asset in the global market. He believes in the need for a global marketing and sales strategies for Japanese products to enter international markets. To this end, he has been offering free consultations to startups every week and makes frequent visits to Japan to seek entrepreneurs who share his vision. In the works is his authorship of a Japanese book entitled ‘Startup Bible’, which would become a manual for launching a startup based on the best practices in the Silicon Valley.
Anis advocates the development of an ecosystem to unite investors and startups. Language and cultural difference, lack of governmental investment, immature corporate finance and limited connection to Silicon Valley financiers are the hurdles for Japanese startups to overcome. The upside for large Japanese firm participating in the startup ecosystem is the opportunity to acquire new technologies while reducing R&D overheads.
As an international investor, Anis has been actively seeking opportunities in Japan that would benefit from the global connections at Fenox VC. One such recent investment is Dream Link Entertainment (DLE), a leading multimedia solution provider, who will be expanding into the North American market through the partnership with Fenox VC.
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