Fenox Venture Capital, a global venture capital firm recently invested in Geniee, an ad supplier that enables users to deliver ads to earn maximum revenue from pure advertisements, Demand Side Platform, Real Time Bidding through Ad Exchange, multiple ad networks, and affiliate ads.

Geniee’s ad platform is based on real-time bidding (RTB), an industry term for the buying and selling of online advertising impressions via auctions that occur in fractions of a second. RTB allows advertisers to target specific demographics or geographical locations, thus ensuring that impressions aren’t wasted on irrelevant audiences. It’s also cheaper and less time-consuming than hiring a team of human ad buyers.

Geniee already operates subsidiaries in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam – along with joint ventures in Thailand and Malaysia. By the end of 2016, the startup plans to have a presence in China, India, and Taiwan.

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