In this seminar, it is discussed how major Japanese companies are leveraging the Silicon Valley, from Fenox Venture Capital’s CEO Anis Uzzaman’s point of view, and of Y Combinator partner Kevin Hale’s point of view.
In addition to the panel discussion, speakers describe what it is like actually working in Silicon Valley from invited speakers such as Kobayashi, a distillate of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, that are also describing the tactics of leading companies that are utilizing the Silicon Valley. Representatives of large companies, start-up parties, and all the people involved in innovation, such as students, speak about the innovation happening throughout the Silicon Valley.
The latest book of Anis Uzzaman, “A Global Investor’s Viewpoint on Japanese Companies”, will be presented for one free book per person at the seminar. The author, Anis Uzzaman, discusses topics from his book regarding the utilization of the Silicon Valley.

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