Fenox Venture Capital announces its first green tech investment in I AND C-Cruise. Co, Ltd. (IACC), which operates “Green Energy Navi”, the #1 solar power web portal in Japan. Fenox VC has a proven track record of helping Asian businesses achieve global expansion. With the investment from Fenox, IACC plans to launch their North American operation this June.
Today, “Green-Energy Navi” is a marketplace that matches solar power solutions to consumers’ energy requirements. Their web portal presents consumers with user reviews and cost estimates for convenient comparison and selection of solutions from multiple vendors. Additionally, consumers are given practical information such as best practices, government subsidies and tax incentives for using solar energy.
Fenox Venture Capital has achieved numerous successes in its investment into Japanese companies and bringing them to the global market, as a result of its deep global understanding. “IACC has great potential to expand into the United States and global market,” said Anis Uzzaman, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital, “The company can leverage upon its proven business model in Japan and excel internationally.“
“We were seeking a global partner for our international expansion” said Kazuyuki Uemura, CEO of IACC. “With Fenox VC’s global connections in the United States and Europe, as well as their deep understanding of Japanese and Asian culture, they are the best partners in our endeavor.”
Today, 300,000 Japanese households install alternative energy sources each year. As of February, IACC is the largest Japanese marketplace in this industry with more than 40,000 subscribers, and 400 manufacturers and service providers online. With a yearly revenue today exceeding USD 10 million and with a growth rate of 500% year over year, the expansion into the United States will give IACC another big boost in their upcoming financial performance.