Fenox Venture Capital launched its first book entitled ‘Startup Bible’ and authored by General Partner Anis Uzzaman, PhD. Endorsed by the CEO of Rakuten Mr. Hiroshi Mikitani, the book is a lively read on the best startups practices in Silicon Valley, which Japanese entrepreneurs could adopt to succeed at the global level.


The motivation behind the book roots from Anis’s connection to the startup industry in Japan and Silicon Valley. While entrepreneurs are equally motivated across the world, Silicon Valley has consistently been home to the most number of successful startups. The difference is partly due to the lack of access to know-how of operating a startup, which the book aims to bridge by providing key elements of building a startup from inception of business ideas and team building, to fundraising and exits. Being the Japanese edition of this book, it is enlivened by examples of great startups from Silicon Valley and Japan.


“Through this book, we hope to share Silicon Valley’s best startups practices with Japanese people who own businesses or are interested in entrepreneurship“, said Anis Uzzaman. “We want to help their companies become the next Google and Facebook of the world”


The book is the first edition in a series of localized editions aimed at the Russian, Southeast Asia and China markets to address the emergence of startups from these growth markets. The royalties of this book will be donated to the Qatar Tohoku Innovators Platform.


The official book launch at the Tokyo international School was attended by more than 200 corporate executives. The generous sponsors were American Embassy, Tohmastu Venture Support Inc., Kodansha Ltd., the Institute of IMPACT Foundation Japan, and IMJ Fenox FTE. Ltd. The event began with the opening address by the Director of Global Communications Strategy at Prime Ministers Office of Japan, Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji and a presentation by the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs at US Embassy Tokyo, Mark J. Davidson.  Anis Uzzaman next took the stage to deliver a keynote address entitled “Silicon Valley Has the Best Environment to Produce World-Class Startups”. He explained how Silicon Valley’s conducive environment nurtures the growth of successful startups and provides the best M&A opportunities as well.


During the second half of the conference, joining Anis at the panel discussion entitled “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Past, Present and Future (Japan vs US Silicon Valley)” were Ryuta Shiiki, the CEO of DLE, Kazuyuki Uemura, the CEO of IACC, Rika Shiiki, the CEO of AMF Corporation and Editor-In-Chief at JCJK Research Institute and Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji, the Director of Global Communications Strategy at Prime Ministers Office of Japan. The discussion was focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in different regions and across generations, the challenges entrepreneurs are currently facing, and how these challenges could be overcome.


The book launch was a success given the sell out of the initial copies. More importantly, it has created awareness about the need for a vibrant, entrepreneurial environment in Japan, through which the startup industry can florish, create jobs and drive forward Japan’s economy.

Anis at the Launch of Startup Bible