Forbes recently published a guest article by General Partner Anis Uzzaman and Entrepreneur-in-Residence Tom Maxim on navigating the venture investing ecosystems of Asia. The authors detailed the technology startup investment opportunities in the often-perplexing Far East.
“We like to call Southeast Asia, New Asia.’ These countries have large populations, even larger economies, and are creating dynamic communities of entrepreneurs. Founders in this region are increasingly willing to take on risk and innovate.”
Specifically, the article highlights Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia as the countries with the most potential. Singapore, regarded as the “gateway” to rapidly growing countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, has emerged as the top strategic player in Southeast Asia. Despite its small population, abundant talent, capital, and government support is available in Singapore. Japan is home to a competitive tech ecosystem and famously tech-savvy teenagers, and is one of the world’s largest economy. In Fenox’s view, Indonesia is fertile ground for the consumption of new technologies, due to its 240 million people and a burgeoning middle class.
Uzzaman and Maxim’s message was that it “takes more than a checkbook to invest in Asia.” They offered tips and examples from years of experience in Japan and rest of Asia. Understanding the local “norms and nuances”, as Uzzaman and Maxim referred to as business protocols of a given culture, is the key to success in Asia.
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