Where there is a challenge,
there is innovation.

“Anis is a pleasure to work with. We worked together to open up the Japanese market, which he has a deep understanding of, and network with global investors. He is always there to help when you need.”

-Julia Hu
Founder & CEO, Lark

“We chose Fenox because of their global network, unique value proposition, and their track record of helping push companies across borders and to the next level of growth. Affectiva is excited to bring Fenox aboard as an investor and strategic partner.”

-Rana el Kaliouby
Founder & CEO, Affectiva

“Tapping international markets is one of our key growth objectives. Fenox
immediately connected us with the right partners for distribution and
integration in Asia. We are thrilled to count Fenox as an investor in Jibo.”

-Cynthia Breazeal
Founder, Jibo

“Fenox VC is the true global venture capital firm. They have helped us expand into the greater Southeast Asian and South Asian market. They have the right expertise and connections to help any startup elevate to the next level.”

-Toru Tokushige
Founder & CEO, Terra Motors

“Fenox has been fantastic in helping us expand globally through partnerships. They’re the go-to guys when it comes to finding the right partners to take growth to the next level. We’re incredibly pleased to have the Fenox team on our side.”

-Joe Britt
Founder & CEO, Afero

“Fenox VC is a pretty hand-on VC. They are always there for you when you need any help. Fenox has presence in the USA, Europe, and Asia and plays an important role in startups’ global expansion. They help build the right global partnerships. We are happy to have Fenox as our global invesotr and partner.”

-Yosuke Tsuji
Founder & CEO, Money Forward

“Fenox has been very helpful in the Tech in Asia journey so far. Anis gives very good feedback but leaves the final decision to the entrepreneur. It is a very healthy relationship between investor and founders that we are enjoying now.”

-Willis Wee
Founder & CEO, Tech in Asia