Anis Uzzaman, General Partner & CEO of Fenox Venture Capital, spoke on the latest startup information, fundraising in Silicon Valley, and strategic advice for Japanese entrepreneurs. In 2010, 66,000 jobs were created in California, of which roughly 20% were directly created by startup companies. In addition, Anis mentioned that 85% out of the world’s M&A deals came from Silicon Valley.
Based on his strategic investment experience in startups that were funded and incubated by Y-combinator, Anis described the multiple activities of the firm. He pointed out that Fenox Venture Capital can support Japanese startups by fundraising through its global network.
In the second session of the seminar, Yuji Akaba, Managing Director at Break Through Partners Inc., covered “The Way to Discuss Business Plans to Accelerate Growing Venture Businesses” in which he explained how to initiate and build products and service startups
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