In an article in Asahi Shimbun, a leading media portal in Japan, Anis shared his views on the key to Japan’s economic revival—nurturing start-ups.
Ever since living several years and acquiring his degrees in Japan, Anis has been regularly offering consulting to Japanese companies and investing into them. Anis considers the spending on research and development as the main difference in business environment between Japan and the US; Japanese firms are spending less on R&D, and US and European companies stay competitive through M&A. This difference has led to the prosperity of Silicon Valley, where 4,000 new companies founded each year. The ecosystem is further supported by incubators and accelerators which are dedicated to help the start-ups succeed.
Anis explained the vantage point of being a Silicon Valley investor with access to the most promising start-ups. The portfolio of companies at Fenox was a result of their analysis of more than 8,000 investment opportunities that were received from leading incubators, including Y-combinator, as well as law firms that are active in start-up investments. Portfolio companies, such as DLE from Japan, in turn leverages upon Fenox’s experience during their entry into the US market.
Looking forward, Anis believes that the success of Silicon Valley can be emulated elsewhere, in particular with the right dose of governmental assistance in overcoming investment barriers such as language and geographical remoteness. Finally, Anis encourages the young and energetic in Japan to stay nimble, acquire new skills, and continuously market themselves to the ever-changing trends of the world.
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