At Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, Anis Uzzaman took to the stage to deliver a keynote speech on Silicon Valley trends and how they can relate to Asia.

The areas interest for emerging startups is IoT, Wearables and Health IT right now in Silicon Valley. Anis states that these three tools can help the world improve in many ways. He says that new healthcare IT is the wave of the future in terms of solutions for hospitals, children, and elderly people. Additionally, the manufacturing industry is teed up to benefit from IoT. Production management is something that can be improved dramatically all over the world. Anis ended the speech signaling to the audience that the possibilities for IoT, Wearables and Health IT aiding businesses is nearly limitless.

In the video link, Anis will highlight the developments and innovations in these new domains, and explain how they are already impacting people’s lives in USA.