sunnyhealthFenox Venture Capital is proud to announce the launch of a new fund with Sunnyhealth, a leader in weight loss and health and beauty products in Japan. This new private venture fund will invest in promising startups worldwide, found through Fenox Venture Capital’s network of partners and offices throughout Silicon Valley, tech hubs in the United States, and across Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. This new fund will provide Sunny Health with long-term benefits of being able to find the newest and most exciting technologies worldwide to bring back to the Japanese market and to provide a stepping-stone to further business development with startups in other markets.

The current fund aims to discover promising companies developing new technologies in Health, Health IT, and software, which will help Sunnyhealth with innovation and global expansion. The targeted sectors are expected to be high growth areas and will help Sunnyhealth to maintain its dominance and expand its growth in the health, beauty, and weight loss industries.

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