Japan times

The Japan Times published their interview with Anis Uzzaman of the potential of startup in today’s newspaper. In this interview, Anis discussed how Japanese Corporations and startups can collaborate and make Japan a stronger and better place for Japan’s next generation.

In the interview, Anis mentions Japanese firms continue to boast advanced technologies in fields such as energy, robotics and seismology, which they can market overseas. In addition, Japanese employees are generally skillful and loyal to their firms — a big advantage for employers, a reference to his latest book. Yet, they still lacks innovation to compete globally. This is due to big firms unwillingness to buy ventures and the culture of discouraging people for launching startups.

Concluding the article, Anis offers ways corporations can overcome this difficulty, one of which is by partnering with Fenox Venture Capital.

For more details, visit the article here.