Eddy Lee, PhD spoke at the 3rd Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) on the Medical IT panel: Surfing the Health IT Technology Revolution. This is the leading conference for fostering US and China business relationships attracting 5,000 attendees this year. Other SVIEF speakers included Al Gore, Steve Wozniak, and executives from Tesla, Facebook, VMware, and Baidu.


The panelists on the Medical IT panel discussed important topics such as trends in the health IT space, the impacts of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on the healthcare industry, and how to promote cooperation across the Pacific. Eddy focused on the recent health IT startup trends Fenox Venture Capital has seen. Two of the startup trends he discussed were crowdsourcing of medical information and wearable technology. Eddy explained that as doctors and patients are becoming more comfortable using the Internet to share medical conditions, patients are empowered with the understanding of their health, and diagnosis of diseases speeds up. Additionally, he predicted that the wristbands, augmented reality glasses, and smart shirts that have been created by startups are just the beginning of an unprecedented availability of affordable and accurate health devices that would transform patients’ ability to diagnose and treat themselves at home.


Fenox Venture Capital has invested in two startups that aim to be at the forefront of this revolution – Lark, a smart wristband that promotes healthy habits by measuring sleep and activity patterns. Meta, a startup that produces immersive augmented reality glasses that can be used by consumers as well as professional in the healthcare, engineering, and design fields.

More information about SVIEF can be found here: http://www.svief.org

Eddy Lee presented at the Medical IT panel at SVIEF