Anis Uzzaman spoke at TechCrunch Shanghai, a premier international tech event. TechCrunch being one of the largest tech media websites co-organized the event on November 19-20, 2013 with TechNode, a popular Chinese blog. More than 3,000 individuals attended the event, which attracted notable speakers including executives from Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Uber, and Baidu.


Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital spoke on the panel entitled “How Can Chinese Companies Build Up Their Brands in International Market. ” Edith Yeung (VP of International Business Development at Dolphin Browser), David Chen (Founder of Strikingly), and Soujanya Bhumkar (CEO of Coolris) joined Anis on the panel. The panel discussed what obstacles startups might face when they expand into international market, and how they can overcome these difficulties in order to establish a global brand.


Anis’s suggestion for building a global brand concentrated on the startup’s name. “It’s very important for Chinese startups to pick a more global name for foreign customers to pronounce and remember,” said Anis. “ In this way, it is easier for them to recall the name, and become more familiar with the brand as well as the business.”


More information on the event can be found on TechNode’s website:


Anis speaking at the panel at TechCrunch Shanghai