Anis Uzzaman, General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital visited 4 major cities in Japan, from the 28th of January to the 1st of February, on a promotional tour of innovation and entrepreneurship. This initiative was organized and sponsored by the US embassy in Japan to aid Japanese innovation and businesses in technology.
At Anis’s first stop at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, he spoke to a group of students, professors and corporate professionals. On the 29th of January, Anis presented his ideas in entrepreneurship and innovation to hundreds of people at the Tokyo American Center. During his speech, Anis explained how Japanese entrepreneurs can start new businesses that will become Japan’s new-generation of global brands. Recording of the presentation can be viewed at:
In additional, Anis was interviewed by Nikkei-CNBC TV and Tokyo FM radio station during his stay in Tokyo. The recorded Tokyo FM broadcast can be found at:
As part of his tour, Anis also spoke at the Chamber of Commerce in Nagoya and at the Urban Innovation Institute in Osaka. His final stop was Okinawa where he inspired the audience to create the next-generation startups, and received an interview by the local FM radio station.
This was a great undertaking by the US embassy in Tokyo to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Through this trip, Fenox VC hopes to have contributed to the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” campaign in Japan.

Anis at the Nikkei-CNBC TV Interview

Anis at the Tokyo American Center

Anis at the Tokyo FM Radio Station