Zillion Business Review recently interviewed Eddy Lee, PhD, principal at Fenox Venture Capital in their 53rd issue print-only publication. Also a consulting professor at Stanford University, Eddy explained that Fenox’s key differentiator is the level of support offered to their portfolio companies.
“Investors in venture capital firms typically are pension and endowment funds. In contrast, investors in Fenox are tech corporations and entrepreneurs themselves,” said Eddy. “That means our extensive network can offer in-depth operational and strategic help to our portfolio companies.”
He highlights Lark, a next-generation wearable device that improves the users’ well-being, as a recent investment into an American startup that has gained access to new markets in Asia through Fenox’s operational support. Asian startups requiring assistance vis-à-vis entry to North American markets has found success through Fenox, which has recently invested in I AND C-Cruise.Co, Ltd (IACC) – Japan’s #1 solar panel marketplace that matches solar power solutions to consumers’ energy requirements. Fenox is helping IACC establish its North American subsidiary as a part of its globalization strategy.
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